Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Andy Torres

Hello guys, how are you doin? Good, I hope!

So, I admit that this blog is such a random blog, obviously. I talk and share about anything, that I can't even categorize what kind of blog this is. But that's me. I write on this blog, not to make people to see me, but it's more to do what I like that I like sharing so much. This blog is dedicated for me myself, so I don't expect everyone in this big mass gigantic world to notice me. However, if you do like to read my post, please keep reading because I promise you that I won't stop writing. It just... being busy and, you know, I write when something just comes up in my mind, so it takes time to open this blog again and start writing.

Like I said before, this is such a random blog. Don't relate this post with the previous post because it has nothing to do with them at all. This time I'd like to share something that impresses me, a figure that I amaze since I was in high school, about 5 years ago. She is a beautiful lady who likes fashion and stuff. If you ever read my post about 7 Fashion Bloggers that I like the most you may recognize this one. She is Andy Torres. 

The first time I open her blog, I was amazed by her style of dressing. Plus she has a unique-and-pretty-angelic-face and it just makes me keep admiring her more and more. Most of the contents of her blog are her pictures of daily outfit and her experience of travelling the world. Oh my god, I am so envious with this lady, I mean, she's just so lucky that she can keep doing what she likes and getting so many benefits from it. 

Her style of fashion is simple yet special. She knows so well how to mix dress with the accessories, shoes, and bags. The style is just simple but catchy and that's what I favorite the most. She knows how to put make up on and how to express herself. Her style is never boring! She always improves herself in fashion.

But the most important thing is that she always updating her blog with all her activities and so on. I don't know why, but I always feel inspired and motivated every time I read her posts. Whenever I visit her blog, I know that my time is well spent. Anyway, she's good at sport too!

Other thing that is impressive from Andy Torres is she's also a speaker of TED. You know it well, right? After watching her video in Youtube, I know that she's just incredible. She's pretty, hardworker, and smart. She built all her success that she gets for now from zero. Her story of how he can survive in Amsterdam makes me admire her more. 

I think that's the post for today. Andy Torres is just an incredible woman. I hope she keeps doing what she loves and keeps spreading the love. You may watch her video here:

See you!

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