Saturday, 29 December 2012

December List

yes, this post gonna talk about my....

This splendid December begin with the semester examination. very annoying actually, but I've passed it anyway :D (check!)

the next week we celebrated our freedom of exam with class meeting! (check!)

we won some competitions (futsal, volly, table tennis, etc) because of these boys. proud of yaa! 

I also participated the poster design competition. the theme was : "say no to corruption!"

on the weekend, we took some snapshots for SMANSA '54 yearbook. (check!)

and it was more fun because of rain! and there we go, retro featuring raindrop. ><
(big thanks to Wili for the make up, haha :D)

and it's continuing to HOLIDAY!

holiday for me : there's no such a double u oo double u things. surely, nope. 

as you know that during my lovely holiday, I go nowhere but stay at home. very-very LOVELY! therefor, I wasted my spare time by download songs, watching television, drawing, writing short story *sorry, i can't publish it. it's too long and surely can boring you* and reading novel. (five times check!)

never doubt Ilana Tan. She always can impress you with all of those poems and touching sentences. can't wait to read her next novel, absolutely ;)

quotes of the year, 'you're young, you'll learn'

my territorial-messy-desk.  

here I give you my favorite songs of December. perhaps you'll like it :)

Maudy Ayunda - Tahu Diri
Natasha Bedingfield - Neon Lights
Justin Bieber feat Nicky Minaj - Beauty and a Beat
AJ Rafael - She Was Mine
AJ Rafael - Five Hundred Days
Pink - Blow Me One Last Kiss
Taylor Swift - I knew You were Trouble
Maudy Ayunda - Ajari Aku Cinta
Maudy Ayunda - Perahu Kertas
Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful of Sunshine
Neon Trees - Animal
Simple Plan - Summer Paradise
AJ Rafael - We Could Happen
Taylor Thrash - La La Love

I also celebrated Mother Day on last 22 December with giving a banana cake to my mother. unfortunately I forgot to grab my camera and shot the event -,-. don't forget my Christmas post about Bubu and Santa.

to extrude my boredom, I check youtube for thousand times and watch Goldie Emeralda channel and others. they're so creative. :)

I guess that's all my stuffs during December. Time just running so fast. so much having fun in this grateful month. I still can't believe 2013 is coming!, by the way, two words for 2013:

see you, soon!

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