Tuesday, 5 January 2016

5 Youtubers Should Be Checked Out

Aloha! I remember that I ever discussed about 7 bloggers should be checked out in my blog, yes they are all incredible and I still check out their blogs sometimes, but this time I'd like to post some of my favorite Youtubers.

I spend my time everyday at home so I admit that boredom always comes to me. I've done watching Game of Thrones up till Season 4 and Family Guy Season 13 (which makes me sad) and I have nothing to do after that. So I tried to check Youtube sometimes and watched some channels that were interesting for me and now those channels must be the first channel I watch whenever I open up Youtube.

It's a common thing even a popular thing to do among women to check out some beauty channels in Youtube. You may popular of Kiara Leswara and Sarah Ayu, two Indonesian females I'd love to check in Youtube. They both have a good taste in cosmetics and good camera setting. In my opinion, if you like to check a Youtube channel about beauty product, you get to check a popular beauty channel in your country. This is because most popular beauty Youtubers try to adjust the product and style which is known in their country. In the other side, you may not have difficulty in language if you try to check the Youtubers who use the same language as yours. Try to check their channels for make up and beauty tutorial here.

(click the pict to go to their pages)

What I adore from these girls is they always tell their opinion and experience of using beauty products which is very needed. If you are looking for the best products that suit and fix in your skin, you need to search for the review and I think checking Youtube for some product review is recommended.

Next I have international Youtubers who is lovely and pretty, Jenn Im. I am not sure what nationality she has, I think she's Korean, but she currently lives in LA. She is such a lovely person and most of her videos are vlog ones. Have you heard about vlog? Well, vlog is a blend word for video and blog which you can guess it's a video about daily life.

 I think she is a talented person and creative ones. I can waste all day just to watch all of her videos because all of them are interesting. She is also down to earth kind of person and it just adds more positive sides of her. She also shares her relationship in some of her videos and I think her relationship with Ben is adorable. Type clothesencounters in Youtube and get to know her further.

The next is an American Youtuber, the lovely and pretty Rachel.Well, the first time I checked her channel I felt as if I was so lame to find out her channel just for these lately days. I mean, she has uploaded hundred of amazing videos and reached 6 million subscribers and I just known her TODAY haha (Yap I should check out Youtube more often to get to know world better).

She is also talented person and all of her videos have unique themes. Almost all of the themes are creative that she tries to always make a new inspiring story. When I watch her videos, I just like "omg it's true". She is talk-active kind of girl that sometimes I try to replay what she's saying because she talks so fast. She shares her relationship too with a guy called Isaac. Different with Jenn's relationship, I think Rachel's kind of relationship looks like mine which is the fun one. They love to laugh at each other, play games, and give each other pranks. Such a cute couple! Check out her channel at rclbeauty101.

The last channel is from Michelle Phan. Perhaps you've watched the famous Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look in Youtube by her. She's gifted by her make up talent. She has many make up tutorial videos and some vlogs. If you search for a weird and anti-mainstream make up look, you may check her channel now. 

From my point of view, she is a humble woman and lovely. I am pretty impressed with her talent in producing video, like the video above, which all the ideas are from her head. She also likes to draw and her drawings are pretty amazing. Her LDR story also amazes me. She shares her story with her boyfriend that they came from different part of the world but they could proof that they are meant to be together. I feel inspired somehow after watching her video with her boyfriend, I wish mine would be better than that :p

Well, I think that's all my post about 5 Youtubers that inspire me these days. They all are creative people and I hope they can amaze you too. You may check another excellent Youtubers such as Last Day Production from Indonesia and Draw My Life channel. See you xoxo.

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