Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back to The Jungle

Hai! Hoi! Hui! Walaaa!

Life is so interesting for me this lately. Being far away from family is hard, i know. But to keep positive thinking is my best choice. Beside, I couldn't show you how much I love living here, with all of its culture, atmosphere, friendly people, and many things that entertain me so much. I feel so damn good, feel blessed to be in here :))

I haven't start to hunting some photos here yet, cause I haven't get any narcissistic partner here and I hope i will soon. The food is good, whether most of all are so sweet. Most of all, i love the price of clothes in here, which is very very lovely and always make my pocket smiles.

I will start my activity in college next week, and it means I'm getting closer to be busy. But I still have some holidays to enjoy this lovely castle (I mean Jogja), so some plans and places to visit are prepared. Anyway, you could still follow my activity in Instagram: @deviwee. I was thinking to make a video about some beautiful spots in Jogja, and I hope I could share it to you. Anyway, wish me luck to be a collegian. xoxo :""

Cyrus send their kiss for you. Bye!

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