Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Quotes #1

I heard a speech from my teacher today. And suddenly I realized something. Read this... 

That it's a gift and miracle when you were born as human being. That life is too precious to discarded. Love, family, pain, hurt, travel, dance, smile, and happiness, and others that worth it. And in one day, you'll feel an extraordinary thing, something that (maybe) in that time you'll feel nothing, feel no love, and invisible. It's death. A very scary word ever in the world that no one never want it.

Have you ever thought how grateful you are? how bless you are? how beautiful your life is? 

and your life and all the things in the world isn't last forever?

There are so much thing you can do for being human. we were born to make thing happen. we have chance to make our dream comes true. we have chance to make people we love smiling. we have chance to do merit or even sin. Our life is just loan, and someday we should give it back to Lord. what we have to do now is to find the reason why we were born, and decide our destination. 

It is just another knowledge that  people just know but don't realize it. so, have you realize it? ..... that you are worth it! ;)