Wednesday, 14 November 2012


hellloooooo!!! :D

such a very very looooooooongggg period I have stopped writing, haven't I? yeaah, I miss you too *hug*. so tonight, I'll give you presents. its some... sketches maybe? i don't know. but I'm so happy of this talent that I have. another effect *beside make me so proud and happy I could draw these such things* is my friends recommend me to take graphic design in university. well, it ever thought before but this talent *can I call it talent?* come for no time, it just come when I'm in the mood, or when I get inspiration. I know that take graphic design need so much inspirations ad ideas, but my ideas just unpredictable. 

My Sketches


yup. I know my drawings are just good enough and so much flaws there. but I try my best to keep it up. ^^



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