Saturday, 26 December 2015

Future, huh?

Heloo! Whatsuup? Alright, it’s been a very long time since I wrote the lately posts and right now I just want to share a thought that I get right this second. Before going further, well it’s about future so if you are not really interested you may skip to the other post.

Alright, I am now a student of Semester 5 in a private and quietly famous university in Yogyakarta majoring English Letters. Despite my major I just want to emphasize that it’s not because of my major that I’m writing in English right now but it just because I want to.... well, probably it influences a little to myself that I likely to speak English in my daily conversation, but hah.

Talking about education, well does it interest you? Whoever you are right now, you are probably a student or not, but I believe that most of you have ever experienced what education is. Talking about the experience of acknowledging something, I feel very grateful that I am now continuing my education in university which is a very best choice for majoring English Letters and I also feel very grateful that I can study far away from my hometown, which it has not really good level of university *no offense please*.

I’ve through a lot of experience in learning and this semester is kind of killing. Well, I suppose that if only I could really focus in my class and paid full attention to my lecturers then this semester would not really that difficult for me. As students, we are pushed not only to understand but also analyze the material. I learned about feminist and new criticism, how to relate the short story or poem with the theory, and also phonology, of course, and a lot of things. Yet, the best part was the final examination which I had to write papers for my Prose and Poetry subjects about the relation between the theories that we had discussed in class with Enigma of Arrival by V.S Naipaul and the feminist or new criticism content in My Last Duchess by Robert Browning. It was a bit- well very actually - stressful for me, because I am not a typical of literary person, and I never read that damn book of Naipaul –well, I don’t mean to say the book is bad, but it just the content of the book that I worried. You’ll know how I feel if you read yourself that 300 pages of book.

So after passing the hardest time of this killing semester, I finally can relieve now but I am still worrying about my grade, for sure. If you are also a semester 5 student, then I think we are in the same position, to be grateful it’s finally over. However, it’s not that experience I’d like to share about. It’s about the vision of future.

I’ve been haunted with so many questions of.. you know like, ‘where you’ll be working in the future?’, ‘will you continue to magister?’,‘what will you do with your title?’ or even ‘is there any significant relation between your dream job and your educational background?’. Well, it’s hard to say but I honestly have my future in an abstract vision. I don’t really know where to go after college and where to apply for job. I don’t even think about my thesis yet, but I know positively I’m not going to take literature. However, thanks for the questions because I finally aware of my future right now T_T

Lately, I were asked by my parents to continue my education to magister. They thought that it would be better if I try to search for scholarship abroad. Well, it’s a lovely idea of course, but I feel as if my heart rejected the idea. I don’t know, probably because I actually want to search for a job after graduate later. Yet, I stop and reconsider about it right now.

I realize that the competition in working world is increasing. Even many bachelors are now unemployed. This is the era that luck also determines your success. However I still believe that all the hard works we have done will be paid as worth as it should be. But how can we determine the success in present? How many level of difficulties we have to pass to achieve success? How many ups and downs we have to face? How can we say it’s enough and decide our own success?

To be successful is everyone’s dream, but it’s only few of people do realize the hill they have to struggle. Try to see that thousands of bachelors are now unemployed and try to think that the education in college is not even enough to fulfill our dreams. Even the decision to continue the higher education is not promising to your success. You may have the same awareness with me now that we are struggling in a very hard competitive world.

So what level of competition are you now? Are you gonna put your dreams a little higher than before? What efforts you will do to achieve your dreams?

Your dreams will come true as it should be, only if you contrive it yourself. Your future job will be achieved based on your own effort. So start to plan your effort and prepare for your dreams. Because no one will help you through the hill. It’s only you, yourself.

I am dreaming to get a job or continue my magister abroad and I’m setting up my plan. I hope you do the same. I wish this post will encourage you to think twice about your future, are you gonna to let things happen naturally or set up a shortcut to make your dreams come faster.

Here I give you a testimony of living after college by Jann Im, a pretty Youtuber. She shares her life after graduated from college and it seems almost all she is talking about is damn right. Check it out.

That’s all a little piece of my mind tonight. If only writing my papers would have been this easy. Goodnight!

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