Thursday, 26 July 2012

10 Inspiring Tumblr

Hi! Back with me again, hope you still enjoy stay with this blog. *kisses*

Well, I just checked my post and saw that some of them got so many viewers. Those posts are about 10  blogger kids, 7lovely fashion blogger, and others about actors and Vera Wang. So, because I miss my self when I’m writing (exactly, when I write story. But now I’m not in the mood,sorry. OMG, I've stop writing story for a year! I miss it so damn much!) and tonight I’m gonna make a post about 10 inspiring blogs on Tumblr. 

Do you know tumblr? For you who don't know, tumblr is a social media kind like blog but more simple and cooler. In Tumblr you can share about photos, status, experience, or others. Playing tumblr is so a lot of fun and it’s a cool website if you want to find any inspiring things, or maybe you don’t know what to do in your spare time. The rules are simple, just sign up, and follow all of these tumblr, or your friend’s, and follow me ofcourse *LOL*, then reblog all of post, picture, or even song you like most, then tadaa! They just show up in your tumblr and they’re yours! I’ve joined this website for about a year and I like love it! By the way, let’s just got to this topic. Check this websites out!

It’s specially for you who love cute things, fashion, color, etc, you can get them in here.

looking for interesting and motivated quotes? Check them all out!

Want to laugh out loud? Yup. I guarantee you won’t stop laughing after visit these blogs. Here you are.

see you in other inspiring post, sweety! 

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