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10 Kid and Teen Blogger

Good night, beautiful :*

It still Christmas eve, so Merry Christmas again :D. Oh I really wonder in this fcking tiny town there is a big Christmas tree, firework, and snow. But yeah, I remember I live on equator line which is mean I will never  saw and touch a real snow. (except if I'll go to Europe, of course. But, I will someday! Amin!)

So, I also do remember that I live in the biggest Moslem's country in the world, so there's not much Christmas air in here. Haha, yes, I'm not a Christian, I'm Buddhism, and so what? I'm happy in Christmas moment too, and I think it's a wonderful when there's someone pretending to be Santa Clause, and Jingle Bells in every where, and of course chocolate! 

So, it has been a long long long long time I haven't posted something make you'll stay with this silly and messy blog, but in this December, for drive my hubbub time away, I'll give you an information (I guess) about 10 TOP KID AND TEEN BLOG by They are so inspired and amazing! And Evita Nuh, my lovely superhero fashion blogger, included here. So, here we go!

 1: Tavi Gevinson, Style Rookie

"Style rookie? More like seasoned pro. The fashion industry probably wasn’t prepared for the influence Gevinson, who started her “Style Rookie” lifestyle and inspiration blog at age 11, would eventually have as a tastemaker, fashion rule-breaker, and insightful commenter on trends. She met Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, received goodies from top designers, and most recently, worked with magazine maven Jane Pratt on a potential website. We like how it seems as if she never takes herself too seriously and acknowledges the fact that despite her fashion-world cred and over 33,000 Twitter followers, she still has to make it to her English class on time."

2: Ruby Karp, Hello Giggles

 "While most of the columnists on Hello Giggles (of which actress Zooey Deschanel is a founder) are in their mid-twenties and -thirties, one consistent voice differs from all the rest: Ruby Karp. She’s positive, offers great advice, and she’s only 10 years old. Karp writes about being good at sports, rags on poor representations of girls on TV, and offers self-confidence tips and advice for surviving summer camp. If we had been half as confident at that age, middle school would have been a whole lot better."

 "Spencer Tweedy has a pretty charmed life: as the son of Wilco lead singer, Jeff Tweedy, he celebrated his 13th birthday with his dad’s band before they opened for Neil Diamond. Having music in his blood seems to counteract the awkward teenage tendencies you’d expect in the now-15-year-old: Tweedy Jr. is a skilled photographer and budding musician himself. He documents his experiences alongside normal kid stuff, like a petition to keep his friend’s shaggy hair from getting cut (parents, man), with captivating photography. That’s why we keep reading: despite his fame, Tweedy keeps it real, as only someone his age could."

4: Julie Zeilinger, The F Bomb

 "At 16, Julie began The F Bomb, named not for the four-letter expletive you’re thinking of, but another hot-button word: feminism. She launched the blog as a place “for girls who have enough social awareness to be angry and who want to verbalize that feeling.” Zeilinger’s site is more than just typical teenage angst, hosting an array of voices who aren’t afraid to speak up about what they think is wrong. And now at 19, Zeilinger is headed off to college, where she’ll be blogging for The Frisky about frat parties, financial aid, and more — “I vow to major in unafraid,” she wrote in a recent post."

5: Gloson Teh, Gloson Blog

" It seems that the internet is flooded with social media gurus … but how many of them are 13? Gloson is a young tech guru from Malaysia, who uses his site to talk about social media, blogging, and more (we didn’t even have cell phones until college!). The Google analytic rundowns and his sharp writing make you wonder if it really is a kid behind all the geek wisdom — but endearing poems like “My Kitty’s Adventure” suggest that there truly is a precocious kid behind the wisdom."

6: Jane Aldridge, Sea of Shoes

 "Don’t tell Jane Aldridge she has funky footwear. When she started her Sea of Shoes blog at 15, the clothes she featured — chunky Ann Demeuelmeester boots and sky-high heels — weren’t the typical duds you’d see going down a high-school hallway. While her peers might not have caught on to her style, the fashion world did: today at 18, Aldridge has appeared on the pages of Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair, and she has collaborated on a line with clothing store Urban Outfitters."

7: Maelo Manning, LibDemChild

 "Manning begins her blog fairly straightforwardly: “You’re probably wondering whether this is really a child’s blog or not. Well it is, hence the name.” This 12-year-old London native covers politics from her point of view, even writing about the recent riots that rocked her hometown. Already named a top UK political blog, Manning’s made a name for herself in the world of British politics."

8: Evita Nuh, La Crème de la Crop

 "Let’s crunch some numbers: Indonesian fashion blogger Evita Nuh boasts over 3,500 Twitter followers, 4,211 Facebook fans, and began her ascent into internet fame when she was … 9. Now 12, Nuh shares outfit pictures, lengthy musings on her life, and things that inspire her. She always looks effortlessly cool and age-appropriate — heck, we’ll probably be looking to her for fashion inspiration before our next shopping trip."

9: Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, New Tiger in Town

"Everyone’s heard the battle hymn of the tiger mother, but what does her daughter have to say? Author Amy Chua’s teenaged daughter, 18, tackles this question in her blog, which reads like an eloquent version of your own teenaged diary: she recounts family gatherings, summer reading (she’s only 300 pages into War and Peace), and details of her first paying job. Now that she’s headed to Harvard, we’re sure we’ll be seeing this new tiger really earn her stripes."

10: Lourdes Leone, Material Girl

"To correspond with the launch of Material Girl, a clothing line she started with her mom (better known as Madonna), 14-year-old Lourdes started a site with the same name. And for a girl who’s just out of junior high, her blog is fierce — frequently updating about fashion trends and songs she can’t get enough of (high-class sweatpants and a new Florence and the Machine song were both praised). If daughter is like mother, we’ll bet this blog isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from this material girl."

Well well well... let's try imagine ourself to become one of them. Become a famous just because blog! And, they also skyrocketed in internet (in the other hand, it means world too) in the age less than 20! Such a very unusual and fabulous!

But... yeah, I was thinking about someone like Evita Nuh, Gloson, Tava, or even Tweedy. They're so young! Their age when they play the internet just maybe 9 to 13 years old. You know what I'm worried about right? Yup. In that age, they should focus on their school, their friends, their family. I mean, I don't blame the internet or the way the want to looking for some friends with technology. But... I think they must put their school first. 

But actually, I think these kids can classify their time. The time when they should open their book, play with their friends, and log in social networking. I mean, the way they made their blog show how clever they are. So, I think they are wise enough to decide how to spend their spare time. They will not spend their 24 hours to blogging, will they?

So, that's it. My new post about ten kids who maybe inspire you guys. Hope it useful for you. See you next time, readers! *kiss :*

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