Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Perish

The deathly poison was stink and reek
Once sniff and your head went week
Silver metals were all in here
They said, “Step in and feel the fear”

The hell with goosebumps I walked in
Curious was greater than the chillin
Sterile white floor gave my feet cold
Icy draught stabed into the flesh that I tried to hold

There lying an embalmed sallow pale dead
With dark hair remained rigid and wet
I saw no breath came out from the nose
As the way I felt the loss

I thought it was just nightmare but reality said no. I remembered when u always smiled and laughed to every joke I said tho it wasn't funny at all. She was very sweet and cheerful, it just seemed there was nothing that could make her sad. And I believed till the last time we met, you left me with happiness in your face. We'll always love you. 

See you in another life, Sop 

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