Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Charming Farewell

no one would think that farewell will come this fast. three years had gone and this 2013 is the top of our victory after all of bitter and sweet memories we had. I still can't believe that time is really had gone so fast. sooooooooooo fast! can't you imagine this before? we, in our farewell party? it just..... didn't we just passed the test of Smansa registration yesterday? and now, we're leaving. 

we are wonderful in this day. such a pretty and charming we are. don't you guys realize it? we are no longer high school students anymore. we are taking steps further to reach our dreams, our future. and this is for real.  

I would miss all of jokes, laugh, smile, tears, or even fight we had. it's.... out of words. thank you for all of our best teacher of Smansa. we will remember every last word and advice from all of you, dad and mom :D

here I give to you the pictures in the day. actually it's more, but most all of it are blur. hiks :(

BBR HALLROOM, 20th of APRIL 2013

all i want to say is:
so long, Smansa '54! lulus 100% yaaa!

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