Thursday, 18 April 2013

Creepy Time

it has been such a lonngggg journey with a longggg of struggle to face the four nightmare days (cc: UJIAN NASIONAL). and now, it's over. ITS OVER!

the national examination for this year is really full of chaos and it just create the new destruction and prove that Indonesia is really bad country with a suck government. If I might say, me, as the participant of UN really really disappointed with the Minister of Education which had chose the best way to frighten all of student in Indonesia against UN. 20 packet for 20 students each class with new hope that student will do the examination honestly is just a non mix sense idea. and now every news in television or paper say that it might be a corruption behind the failed of management of national examination. I should say to the minister that: you all should be ashamed!

but it's over, anyway. although UN in other 11 provinces is just started, I hope students in those area can do it well, as I did. :)

you have no idea what I really felt as long as the UN. it feels like UN is just another try out and I have no fear about it at all. it's like... playing games in computer. crazy, isn't it? hahaha :D

well, nightmares end, and now is just sweet dream for about two months. but of course our struggle doesn't stop here. there's many other thing to think. university, new town, new life, separation... and other saddest things. the good news is I could update my blog as much as I want to! yeay!

three years past in high school. a very fast time had gone. three years being part of Smansa '54, Musec, Bounce, and Grooves. thank you all for gave ma a fantastic high school and also with the memory that would last forever. I would like to share all of experience in high school to you but it could spend more than 50 posts, hahaha. :D

well, I think that's all my post for now. what i really want to say is I MISS U so BAD and I promise to keep writing or just share my activity in this blog. see you in next post ;)

p.s. next post could be a video of me and my high school friends. so stay tune! *eh? hahaha :p
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