Friday, 23 December 2011

Love Life

Long time no see, readers. Miss you badly !! :*

For these 3 months, there’s so much beautiful things, sad, and annoying things happened. It’s December, and I will tell every feeling I felt for this 2011. I don’t ask you to stay, but it’s a lovely if you want to read this post. Here we go…

Everyday now is going too fast. One hour seems like a second to me.  This year, seems like a dream year to me. I felt everything. Liking someone, loving someone, and.. leaving someone. And dumped by someone.

A Thousand Years, Christina Perri still accompany me and make my hubbub time starting, of course. This song is beautiful, but pretty suck. To me.

So in this post, I will tell you all of my feelings in a implicit way by describing a love life in my eyes.

firstable, lonely. Lonely maybe the first thing in a love life of everyones. But lonely doesn’t mean they really lonely. They still busy with their own business, their school, their activity. But lonely I mean here is an empty feeling. A feeling that like there's no one cares about you. Like.. “Yeah, I’m single. Pathetic.”

and then someone come. He may come in a suddenly way, or purposive way. Then you realize that you alone and so does him. You feel like (maybe) he likes you. And slowly you feel it too. You feel you and he are match each other. Then you’ll think, “why not?” 

then both of you get closer. He begin to tell you his secret, and you feel he start to assume you as a special girl. You begin to tell all of your daily activities, your friends, your family. He finally ask you to spend your spare time with him. and in this time, your heartbeat rising, you can't stop smiling, you start to confuse to pick your dress, you try to calm yourself down, but all you think is: “it's my first date! With him!”

Finally he said, “I love you.” Then you said, “I love you, too.” And bum! That’s love happened. Day by day now seems perfect cause he is on your side in everytime. But can’t you see? In this lovely time, the conflict happen. You can’t let him go, even a second. 

Something happen. He start to leaving you. You afraid he will leaving you, for real.  

and.. he really really leaving you. 

For the end, you remember everything about him. the way he said your name, the way he looked at you, the way he smile at you, and the way he told you that you're in his mind everytime. But time can’t change what just happened. He dumped you. “Love suck. I’m pathetic.”

So that’s all. Love life in my eyes. Start in pathetic, and end in pathetic way too. Well, maybe love in your life doesn’t seem like this, but this is love in my thought. But I still waiting for my happy ending. Hopes everytime happy ending really exist, not just in fairytale, and never regret the one who try to be my happy ending and the one who has ruin my life. This is a real love life.  Everyone SHOULD be ever to feel dumped, hurt, and love. Knowing, liking, loving, then leaving. I’m already used to it. And for you, who has felt dumped, hurt, disappointed, to please do not stop hope that someone in somewhere will be yours. Love life really suck, but it will end in a beautiful way. Sorry for wasting your time, but have a good day :)

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