Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Big Announcement

Holla! Last week, I was announced that....

yippieee! after three years spending my time on task, homework, presentation, exams, etc, finally the final decision came out and I'm no longer senior high student anymore! 

yup, congratulations to SMANSA '54, The Navy Blue on our achievement 100% passed the national examination! :)

In addition, on this year there are 15 students of SMANSA '54 got 10 points of English examination and 3 others got 10 points in Math. Even though we can't maintain our last year success, but at least we still and should be proud of those awards. Cheers!

Friday, 24th May 2013 was been a very wonderful and colorful day to us and all of high school students in this nation. That smile on our face showed everything to the world that we DID IT! that happiness is not just for us, but also to our family, especially to our parents :))

Furthermore, I'm so glad with the results. well, although there are two red marks *math and physic, of course.* *so damn sure I'll get that mark in those two damn lessons* and also lovely marks on other lessons *I got nine in English and Chemistry! yeaaay!*. I thought that the result would be awful but the fact is the opposite. so proud :))

i kept my uniform keep clean till i got home, fiuh. well, I guess that's it. nevertheless, our days in college would be more interesting and challenging. so get away your childishness and be independent. anything else, long live SMANSA '54! I wish and always pray for our success. :)

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