Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Beginning

Hello again, everybody! I miss you!

How’s life? I hope everything’s okay with you. It’s Easter time, so happy long weekend everyone!
Oh my god, I miss talking about life. Continuing the previous post, this post I name ‘The Beginning’, as it is the real beginning for my life to be a real independent woman. Guess what? I got a job! Yeay! I am working in an international logistics company based in Jakarta and living my own life here. Yup, Jakarta, never thought that I’d meet you this soon. And for god’s sake, you’re never be easy, J-town.

Before 2017 ended, I wasted three months working as a Front Officer in a sophisticated hotel in Bintan, five star actually. It was amazing place. I met several incredible people who taught me to be tough and to have fun. Working in hospitality gave me learning to be friendly and understand people more. Then I found a passion there in myself that I like to help strangers. Talking and sharing with strangers are my favorite parts. Unfortunately, the contract just lasted for three months only and I moved on. I’d never forget the beautiful beach, the smell of wooden floor in that hotel, and of course, the most delicious birthday chocolate cake. Thank you, The Sanchaya!

Few days after, I flew to Yogyakarta to set up my graduation ceremony. I was so thank ful that I was surrounded with my family, my bestfriends, and my lover. I took my family to Prambanan temple and Gembira Loka zoo and that was soooo fun. Then my parents and my sister flew back to Tanjungpinang and went on working the usual daily life.

After the graduation, I had the time when I was so frustrated. Jobless. Yup. I woke up at the morning and opened up my laptop to register myself in several big companies’ websites where I put my hope in one of the vacancies there, from the startup companies up until civil servants’ vacancy. I was always there in every job fair. Such a job seeker indeed. I got several interviews and several failures at the same time. Yeah, it was not easy.

Though, the most conflicted moment I had was the time when I thought, ‘What I’m going to do? Where I’m going to be?’ Some of my friends had the plans already about where to find a job. Some of them decided to continue education for a better future. I was thinking about taking master degree but I knew it was not the right time. So, searching for job was the way out.  I asked for my parents to let me live in Yogyakarta in two months in purpose to find a job. I thought it was a checkmate to know nothing to do and nowhere to go except hoping for a clue. Everything was grey. I didn’t have a dream job that I should have pursued so I had no ambition at all about a particular job. I took random job that I guessed fit my profile, huft. I was all confused and stressed out about future. Up until one day, I got a call and got offered to the job I’m taking now.

So, life has been better since then. I got a clue of a future I’m going to chase and I really hope I’m on the right track. I meet wonderful new friends here that I’d like to share with you.

For you who are still in the process of searching for the clue of your future, good luck! Never stop hoping and trying until you find back your purpose in life. Happy searching!

And hey, strangers, if you live at Jakarta, let me know. I’m a rebel explorer and need to find companions J

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