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10 Adorable Song with Cute Voice of the Singer

hallo, dear :D

First of all, I wanna say that I'm crazy missing to writing in this blog! this holiday creates so many spare time to me and I don't have idea of what to do with most of it. I just sitting in my bed, sign in to my blog and wondering if there's any inspiration thing and my writing-mood come along, so i can type thousand words like I wanted to. 

after searching for a new good song, I finally for the first time listened to Sabrina's song. It's so surprising, cause I like it from the first word that she is sang. In the last, I got idea to write about 10 of my favorite singer which has cute voices and beautiful song that maybe can be in your top list in your lullaby mp3 folder. Here I also contain the videos of them so you can listen to their songs. Here we start...


Surely most of you have known about this pretty girl. She's a Philippines, and was born on 30th December 1989. She has four albums with the same tittle : I love Acoustic. On these albums, she covers song from some famous singers in the world, such as Take a Bow from Rihanna, I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 and many others. Her voice and guitar sound in her songs are so harmonize and perfect to be your lullaby.

2.   YUNA

Yuna is a Malaysian and a beautiful hijaber. She love acoustic too, and ever fly to America to sing there. My favorite song of hers is Deeper Conversation. Her voice is so smooth and quieten. If you check out her song, you will go deep in to a love feeling which maybe suit to your experience of love.


She is a wonderful Canadian and a guitarist. Have you ever watched 500 Days of Summer? If you have, Here Comes Your Man surely not so strange for you. the song is actually The Pixie's, but Meaghan Smith make this song is more funny and cute with the sound of tinkle and slow drum. I deeply fall in love the opening part of it's. :p

4.   ZEE AVI

I never thought that she is an Asian women, but she is. She is a Malaysian, a songwriter, and she study fashion design in one of University in London. By uploading her videos on You Tube, she become famous and captivated the Brushfire Records, an American Records. Bitter Heart is her best song and also her fisrt song in US iTunes. Her special characteristic of singing is her ukulele. Just You and Me is the best recommendation for you.

  5. MOCCA

Mocca is a vocal group from Indonesia. The member are: Riko Prayitno (guitarist), Arina Ephipania (singer and play flute), Achmad Pratama (bassist), dan Indra Massad (drumer). Some of their songs are written in English. The touch of swing jazz, twee pop, and 60s atmosphere make me feel like I'm the cafe all the time.


Familiar with that name? Yup. The singer of the song: F*ck You is quite interesting me. Her thew of music is the fusion of disco music and her cute and smooth voice. Some people think some of her song are rude, but in my opinion her song is so describing my self, which is so indifferent and independent.... don't you think? Anyway, her accent is so lovely and describing the characteristic of herself.


She was born in the same month with me, May in 1985. She is American, but was born in California, and won Best Pop Vocal Album of Grammy Award in 2010. she ever duet with Jason Mraz and create a song called Lucky. She also featured with Taylor Swift in Taylor's album, Fearless. Bubbly, I do, and You Got Me are recommended for you. 

8.   TEN 2 FIVE

Ten 2 Five is the other vocal group from Indonesia. They are so familiar with guitar and also create relaxing atmosphere in every song of them. The songs are: You, I will Fly, Aku Ada Rahasia, and many others. Instead, they were asked to interview with a radio station in Japan. Some of their song also became soundtrack of few movies in Indonesia.

She was born on 8th December 1979 in New York. Her genre actually indie pop and indie folk. In her album of Girls and Boys in 2008, she sing a similar song with Zee Avi, with the title is Take Me The Way I am. many of her song already preformed in television, radio, and some of them become soundtrack movie.

10.   LENKA
Lenka is an Australian, and also an actress. Her first debut in September 2004 with the first single, The Show. In the same year, she also wrote a new single called Trouble is a Friend, and in 2011 Heart Skips A beat is her new song.

That's all my new post about 10 Singer which has cute voice and adorable song I suggested to you. These song may become your alternative songs. Beside them, there are also Auburn-Perfect two, Christina Perry-Blue Bird, Never Shout Never-Happy, Sixpence None Richer-Kiss Me, and many others. Sorry if this post quite boring you, but I hope it can entertain you a little bit. Thank you for reading, and see you! *kiss
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