Thursday, 30 December 2010

Thanks 2010!

Those are what I felt, what I saw, what I heard in 2010! happy new year all :)  

Love = not an ambition but full of any expression that can't to described

Disappointed = a feeling when what you do is nothing and stop smiling

Disappear = gone without good bye

Tired = stop doing caused you see it's enough

Hate = we can say bad words when we feel it.

Sadness = a feelings when you can't believe it is real

Satisfied = what do you do is working well

Tears = an expression when you feel nothing, trapped, useless, alone, sad, bad, and feel sorry with your self

Me = no body can be like “me"

Sick = hard feeling to accept

Alone = you feel you're dumped, and useless

Quiet = a situation when there's no anyone can hear you

Sincere = a feeling when you think, “it's fine, it's okay, it's nice to see your smile

Smile = you do that cause of your sincere, expression of happiness and satisfied

Traitors = don't even think a good thing from them. Don't even think you can be friend with them

Bestfriend = do not ever forget about their kindness. Keep them in your mind even if they didn't feel sorry when you feel alone.

Crazy = you feel so oppressed, and feel no body can understand you

Understand = you feel what they feel

Sorry = the only thing in your mind when you see a tears, when somebody tell a pain, when you saw a fake smile

Speechless = “It's done. I'm out"

Proud = the effect of their smile. their smile for you.

Useless = no hope

Miss = hope your missing pieces will be back soon

Kindness = do it without hoping somebody will say thanks

Pain = your mind, your heart, your opinion, your ambition, your spirit, your kindness, your sincere, your self are broken.

Fine = an indifferent feeling

Wonder = hope something from your mind become a reality

Pretend = you will think, “It's the best choice. It must be done. It for us

Boyfriend/girlfriend = someone that you must keep and believe

Reality = the opposite of dreams

Choice = make you confused how to act

Trust = hard to get and do not waste it.

Cheat = you will get what do you want with that. But hurt the other side of yours.

Heart = a very sensitive thing to hurt

Done = it's enough for all

Secret = something that make anybody can't believe it

Happiness = something hard to find and you have to do a sacrifice to get that.

Selfish = the biggest nature characteristic of human being.

Hope = don't stop do this. It builds your passion of life

Beautiful = the other side when you see an ugly thing.

Past = determine future

Meeting = the end of that is separation

Mother = a best thing you ever had. Your treasure. Your angel. Your everything.

Wonderful = such a beautiful and inspire thing

Be single = be free

Life = something that full about you, around you, your past, your dreams, everything

Steadfast = the noble thing when you are in bad condition.

Firmness = love, sure, patient, and believe

Anger = the expression of something you can't accept.

Noble = I just find one person who has this thing. my mom.

Lie = the way to hide the truth

Dreams = the only way to hope

Change = a situation when you're not you anymore.

Spoiled = who has this word is very selfish person

Stupid = the first thing to get smart

Mistake = a way to get sorry in the end

End = time to begin a new life

Together = it always make you smile.

Imagine = a way to get inspiration

Admire = a feeling when something or somebody is so wonderful

Care = you think about what you see and what you hear and looking for “why

Deny = the only way when you can't handle the truth

Desperate = such a desolate things

New Year = doesn't mean make a new life. But make life better.

2011 = looking for solution of 2010

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