Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sweet Sweet 17 Sweet!

guess who just turned seventeenth last night? ME! and this post is about I'm...

the anigif above means a lot, yup, absolutely means a lot. I know that I'm such a stubborn, rebel, cocky *sometimes*. year by year, i changes but this time I'll try to be better one. Thank you so much Yolanda for all advice and almost telling anyone my secret, eerrrggh!

well, actually, not so happy but i felt very good and blessed for last night. thank you thank you thank you fellas, for coming and thank you for all the gifts *fall in love with my new pillow and husky dog, and of course an Eiffel necklace, the headset, diary and journal books, and yet the towel embroidered by my name haha* and many many more! (and i surprised how well my friends to get to know me, some of them give me panda and doggie dolls! love love!) thank you for the help my dear Uci and Risa and  Bimo, too. I can't tell you how excited i was when opened the present from them. *are you fcking kidding me, Uci, Risa?!* anyway, cheers!

another birthday gift from Dini and Genda. whoaaaaaa! thank youuu >,<

too much thank you I have to say. may all your wishes and also with mine, come true! *blow the candle* bye :*

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