Saturday, 15 December 2012

It's Over, Baby!

yup, it's over baby! goodbye or my dear distress week! goodbye for you all the puzzle questions! goodbye for the LJK! and hellooooo to classmeeting and also *drum voices* HOLIDAAAAYYY!!!! :***

so so so so so so damn miss you all! muaaah! Yup, finally I can find my spare time to dating again with my laptop, my blog, twitter, youtube, facebook, tumblr, and... yeeaaah... freedom is such a heaven! no more push for study hard or read pages for pages of books. just smile lying on my bed with HBO, and  AXN *but house 8 is also over. hikss, gonna miss you house T___T*

and today i just spent all my evening with my classmate, took some snapshots for our yearbook. well, have I told you about them? the Grooves? not yet? well then, I'll introduce them to you some day, hahaha :p. these are just some pictures i took with lovely narcissistic girls. here they are.

next post will be more interesting! and anyway, have i told you that I got two status' now? student and... colleger! yup! hahaha, so Jogja will be the definitely my future town. see you in another my daily post ;))

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