Sunday, 28 October 2012


so happy I can find a spare time to write on my blog again, yey! ^^

I'd like to tell you a movie I watched this morning on HBO: FLIPPED

this a kind of comedy-romantic movie, about two teenagers who grown up in a small neighborhood. They are Juli Baker (Madeline Carrol) and Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe). Juli had liked Bryce since they were kids. And she was totally crazy with him. for your information, every single people in their school knew how much Juli adore Bryce. This is the reason why Bryce tried to avoiding her. Because Bryce thought Juli is a freak. 

the time goes on and the time they entered junior high is come. Juli keep defending her feeling of Bryce when Bryce tried to get the most prettiest girl in school. One day, Juli climbed to the top of a sycamore tree and saw a very beautiful view up there. Everyday she insists Bryce to follow her to climbed it, but Bryce always refused. Till there are people who wanted to chopped the tree. Juli didn't want that tree to be chopped down and persuade Bryce to agree with her. But Bryce still didn't notice how important that tree to Juli. since then, Juli tried to forget her feeling to Bryce.

so many moment happened between them. the time when Juli raising hens and gave Bryce some of the eggs while the others are sold, the time when Juli knew all of her eggs were discarded by Bryce, the time when Juli heard Bryce liked her while it just a rumor, the time when Juli's family come to Bryce's house to dinner, etc. till the time Bryce felt something about Juli. and he knew he had flipped!

When Juli was so angry to Bryce and tried to move on from him, Bryce felt the other way. The feeling that he denied before, come back to haunt him. It all flipped. So Bryce started to get Juli back. And all of romantic moment happened...

Based on the novel "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen, this movie give so many beautiful words and give us lessons about family, and love. In my observation, I think that most of man deny their feeling but women try to defend it. Man thinking so much and consider many thing while women prioritize their feeling than their logic. Even this movie might not as good as I think, but I'm pretty sure you'll be hypnotized and touched by words in it. 

“Next time you're faced with a choice, do the right thing. It hurts everyone less in the long run.”- Wendelin Van Draanen, Flipped

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