Sunday, 30 September 2012

Risa's day

 so last night is Risa's sweet 17th birthday! yaaay!

let me begin with the present. this present has been thought a week before, but we did in the H-day. hahaha. as you see, it's full of colors, and yes, we already like kindergarten kid when we colored it, hahaha. after finishing, we were so excited with the results and I just like didn't want to let it goooo. huuuu. but we did it for Risa by the way so hope you like it, Risa ;'))

this Risa with her boyfriend, Bimo :D

actually there were about 13 people there but most of the pictures are blur, so I'm sorry i don't add them in this post. the most important thing is when we miss Widy very much. Cyrus is not complete without her. come back soon, Widy. :(

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