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My Best Friend's Wedding

hello rainy morning :)

yup, such a long period of time I have stopped writing. well, I miss you too, dear. hihi. because it's sunday *forget about biology exam tomorrow* I'd like to post a recommendation of romantic movie of 1997 *which maybe most of you had watched it*, staring by Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz, which the tittle is:

My Best Friend's Wedding 

yup, it's an old movie, very old movie from 15 years before. Actually when I watched it this morning in HBO, I just wanted to move the channel because I don't like 90's movie. but I watched it anyway. And I definitely  guarantee you that this film was AMAZING! really AMAZING and poor of me cause I didn't watch from the beginning. grrrr. 

the story is about a best friend of Julliane Potter (Julia Robert), Michael (Dermot Mulroney) who will get married with Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). Julliane and Michael have been best friend for 9 years, and that time when Julliane realized that she had fallen in love with Michael is too late. 

and there's George Downes (Rupert Everett) came to help Julliane. Instead of labeled as 'gay', George try to help Julliane with became her fiancé. but the plan with being a happy couple to make Michael jealous failed. Fill with selfishness, Julliane tried harder to win Michael back by canceled the wedding.

it's like another best friend's love story, but you must see the ending. The time when Michael should choose one of them, Kimmy or Julliane, and the time when Julliane forced Michael to cancel the wedding. I mean, it's too confusing and relieving at the same time and we don't know what ending we  should choose: Michael with Kimmy or Michael with Julliane. The story said that Michael and Kimmy were not as happy couple as many people think. They even don't have a song and Kimmy seems quiet weird to Michael. On the opposite, Julliane was a perfect lady to Michael, stood there every time Michael needs her and they have been together for a long time. There's no reason for them to not feel that strange feeling between them.

Kimmy just a real disaster for Julliane. but both of them really fight for Michael. Kimmy knew that she should override her jealousy everytime she saw Michael and Julliane together, same with Julliane.

In the other hand, George which actually the Juliane's ex boyfriend tried to cover his jealousy but still showing his love to Julliane, hoped that she will choose him again. Imagining that you were George, and you pretend that you're okay to see the one you loved love somebody else whereas you've been the perfect one. it's hurt, isn't it?

time goes by, and slowly before the wedding time, Michael felt a same way of Julliane's. He knew that he felt jealous with George, and he felt that he had connection with Julliane. Julliane's plan is work. Michael called Kimmy and told her that he want to cancel the wedding. After some consideration, Michael felt so confuse and don't want to hurt Kimmy. So he back again to married her.

Julliane almost lost her chance to get Michael back, so last plan is to tell Michael that she fall in love with him. When she kiss him, suddenly Kimmy was back there, and she run away. I thought that Michael would choose Julliane, but he didn't. he's chasing Kimmy and he finally felt a very deep loss of love. 

guess how was the ending! Michael get Kimmy back and left Julliane alone!

it's such a complicated way to choose the one we love the most. sometimes, we don't realize and we don't sure that somehow that one who is silly, weird, and stupid is the one who has stollen our heart. the only way to get your love is just fight for them, whatever the obstacle is. you know that you have the right person, so don't lose them. when it happen, there's  no second chance to get them back again. in the other side, don't waste your time to person who don't love you. just fight for them who waste their time with you. 

 Michael O'Neill :  Kimmy says if you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise, the moment just...
Julianne Potter : Passes you by.

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