Saturday, 2 June 2012

Starting June!

Hello, June!
Well, I can say that starting this month is pretty tough to me. There so many problem came undone for this last days and I wish I could forget them all soon. So I start this month by picnic with my lovely Cyrus. Check these photos out!

It's really fun because the yard is so big and sky is so bright. What a wonderful day! Plus the food! As you see, even if the food looks not so good, but trust me, it's really delicious! Good job chef Armina Bionita! *the fact is some of us said its so briny. hihi*. So happy to get together again with Cyrus! I mean, the real Cyrus! But this togetherness will not long last, because next week Widy should move to Padang and build her new own life as the colleger :(  The last, now I'm prepare my self to against the examination. So pray for me, guys! And also, I hope this June as beautiful as the sky in those picture. See ya!

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