Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How much time you've gave to your love?

One day, there's a son asked to his father, “Dad, how much you earn in one hour?”
Heard this question his daddy angry and said loudly, “Don't bother me!”
Daddy just from his office tiredness and gloomy. But his son was so tenacious with his question, “Please answer dad, how much you earn!”
Heard that unpleasant voice, he answered, “eight dollars per hour”
His son asked again, “Dad, may I borrow 4 dollars?”
“I've said, don't bother me! Shut up and get to your room!”said the daddy.
Meddle in bed time, daddy's feeling getting calm. He was sorry for his bad manner, then he went to up stairs to his son's room.
“Are you sleeping?”asked daddy.
Then he gave 4 dollars which his son was borrowed. His son said thanks, then he inserted his hand under pillow and took 4 rumpled dollars. “Now I have 8 dollars! Dad, may I buy just one hour from your time?”

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