Saturday, 9 March 2013

We Had Today

it's quite late, I know. but it just a little thing that keep on my mind, over and over. I've lost someone I loved once, then years passed by and we kept move on. then I lost another one, my beloved friend, Fahreza Haeqal. but still, we have to keep move on. and I knew that it'll continue till someday I lost my self in somewhere white place perhaps, and stand beside those people. someday. yeah, someday. life is such a long journey, it's true. till we see 'death' and we knew, it's not anymore. One word, grateful. just be grateful cause you had today. we had today. Here I give you a music, We Had Today, from Rachel Portman. 

"cause somehow, we'll meet again. someday. in a beautiful place"

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