Saturday, 26 May 2012


last view days, I just hunted some pictures with my bestfriends. Well, these pictures were taken in Tugu Pensil, a small yard where people in Tanjungpinang usually hang out and relax. As one of my favorite spot, I suggest you to come here in twilight, so you can see how fascinating the sunset in here. With the wind blows softly, the sky looked magnetizing, and children and many lovely people here. It's a very perfect spot for looking for inspiration and maybe to muse of something :p. Let's see how fabulous this place.

So let me introduce you who they are. Sofie Yunia Ulfah is in the first picture, and Suci Nuzul Rahmah is the one next to Sofie in the next picture, Armina Bionita is the girl with the pink veil, and the girl with the blue veil is Trisna Lidya. Those lovely girls are my besties and we named us as Cyrus. We have been together since second grade in junior high, and this year we entered the third year of our friendship. The last, there's one, Widyatul Aina which now is studying in Bandung for SNMPTN. And today Widy just gave me her latest news: she passed the SNMPTN Undangan in University of Andalas! So proud of you Widy! *bug hug*. Here's the picture of us when we celebrating Widy's birthday. xoxo :*

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