Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Goodmorning everybody :"" {}

so, I'm still in my holiday during the national exam for third grade of senior high school, (good luck bro and sist! *whoever you are*) and in this lovely wednesday morning, I want to introduce you the new application for facebook which I just downloaded. and it's called:

it's another cool application especially for facebook. well, I think I should mention the function of this application to you. here they are:
  1. first of all, you can update your facebook status by flip toast. just with one click on the sidebar of fliptoast (in update status part) on your desktop and there you go! 

2. and you can also upload you new photos or picture just with drag your photos from desktop to flip toast, and... that's it! 

3. and the last, you can see the notifications, news feed, games, your friend's borthday and...  right! you also can chatt with your friends too!  and beside facebook, you can update your twitter too !!!! awesome right?!

it just as same as tweetdeck, but it's cooler! it's a very simple application to you who always go online and share your activity to the world. just one click on sidebar and you get everything you want!!! so, I think flip toast is a very cool app because you can change your status when you are watching youtube. the point is you still can update status by  flip toast while you're doing something to your laptop.  oh my ghost! I really love flip toast! and, have I told you that you can get flip toast by FREE???! yap! so, what's you waiting for? go download it! and have fun!! yaa, you're very welcome, dear :3

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