Monday, 23 February 2015

Brand New Days

OMG Helloo!!!

I really am excited that now I'm opening my blog and writing a new post. Yeay! I feel that enthusiasm of writing again, OMG so happy ^^

Okay, I am very sorry for abandoning my blog, and probably my fans (Dev, you're so out of confident!) (I just said probably, okay, so?). Anyway, how's life? Getting happier? Or is it getting tough? Well, mine is just getting so much fun!

There are millions of stories that I can tell you right now but I have no time to remember all of those details and explain to you all. But I keep my promise, right? Now, I'm here.

Well, I think I just want to tell a little about my college life. You know, I've been almost two years in Yogya which means now I'm in Semester 4 (hmm, not too old, I hope). I'm studying English Letters at University of Sanata Dharma which I just found out a year ago that my major stands for the runner up of the Best English Letters in Indonesia (under UI, but it beats UGM hahaha) (no offense, pls). I should admit that I don't regret anything from my major and my university. They have a very good quality, from the quality of education, lecturer, and the atmosphere in the college itself (it's sooooo green, fresh, and clean!).

In this Semester 4, I will gain so many things about English and its history. The most important thing from this semester is I will be in the point of my college life where I should choose either Linguistics or Literature that I will take as my thesis later. Well, I find my self interested in language, but I also consider to take literature (though the chance must be very little) (you know, I don't really keen on reading books hahaha sucks). Anyway, when I told my friends about my interest in language and they just replied, "you know it's so damn hard. It's Linguistics, Dev, you know it well." Yeah, I know it well (heavy breathing). Fortunately, I've passed my Introduction of Lingustics last semester in outstanding way. Hahaha (no, not really that good, actually)

So, you probably wondering what subjects that I learn. Well, let me tell you. In this semester I have Drama, Poetry, Prose, History of English Language, of course Structure, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Phonetics, and yes Translation. So you see? I think I'm gonna struggle pretty hard this time. Huft.

I actually have many things to talk to you now, but tasks are waiting. Hah.

Ohya, I had a discussion with some students from Germany that asked for Buddhist life in Indonesia and I think I should share to you about the discussion because it's quiet interesting. Maybe later, okay?

Have I told you that Ata also came for visiting me last month? No? Hah, I owe you some pictures! It's all amaaaaaziiiinggg.

And have I told you that I'm already got a boyfie and now he's far away, somewhere in Borneo? No? It doesn't important? Hahaha, maybe I can tell you a little about him, someday. Someday. Okay?

So, I should end this post and I hope you guys have fun cause brand new days are coming up. See you soon! xoxoxoxoxo


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