Friday, 14 June 2013

Bye Bye


This post is not really a goodbye post, it really isn't. I just want to tell you that (perhaps) I will disappear for some times, during my time to enter my new life of being collegian, something like that. I mean, during my migration to Yogjakarta. 

There is an awkward moment when people taught me want to go to study in Gajah Mada University, one of the favorite and the greatest university in Indonesia. Well, I used to plan it before, but now I change my mind. I wasn't very sure about that big popular university, cause... It just feels not right to go there. Quite surprising hu? When everybody dreams to be UGM's student, I prefer not to. Hahahaha. Yes. Funny.

So I take my back up plan, become the Sanata Dharma University's student and I am officially being part of it. Most of you probably don't know very well about this university. Sanata Dharma University is a Christian University, which is has been one of favorite university to all pupils who interest in literature, pharmacy, education, and many others. I heard that USD is the best university in Southeast Asia of whom interest in English education (I mean to be an English teacher). Yes, it does true. But I know that my skill is not very well in teaching, so I decided to take the English Literature. 

So instead of try hard to take SBMPTN and hope to get in public university, I choose to USD. Whether most of people underestimates private colleges, but appraise for the quota and accreditation itself, for me it's not a bad decision. But still, I never came to Jogja, and also never looked directly how USD is, I hope that this decision, somehow, will not disappoint me and be my best choice. 

I'm still keep dreaming of being part in UGM, so maybe I will continue my master in there. I hope :)

Maybe this is my last post in Tanjungpinang cause I don't know when I could come back. Don't worry, cause I will never give up in writing, so I can guarantee you that this blog would last forever. In the end, I will miss blogging so much!

Lastly, wish me luck! xoxo

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