Monday, 18 March 2013

Challenge Accepted

Maybe you wonder: what challenge is I accepted? Well, the answer is the challenge from Sabila Anata. She dare her readers to do activity to contribute careness to our lovely earth and also to celebrating March 23rd (The Earth Hour).

Our earth is becoming older and older all the time. Just like an old man, earth also has some serious ills that should be cured. The question is : Who else would be the doctor except human? 

Global warming is not an issue anymore. It's now become tremendous disaster for all over the world. Not just human that feel the effect, but animal and plant too. The worst is day by day, plant and animal is going to extinct! We can't let it happen... can we?  

To avoid it, let just think for a second. Put this two words in to your mind: what if? Think every kind of "what if" correspond to the earth. What if rubbish is thrown in every second by people in the world in to river? What if theres million of factories in all over the continent burn tons of wood for every second? What if when you're reading this post now, there's a bomb attack coral reef in Pacific ocean? Do you ever think about that before? Can you see what might happen next?

The point is world is really need us. So why we become that selfish to our own home? 

By this post, I invite you to do meaningful activities that I usually do. Well, the explanation will be explained by my sweet secretary, Bubu of course. So here we go!

 Number one: Reduce Plastic Bag

I usually carry my own bag when I go to Supermarket. With this bag, I don't need to plastic to package the purchase. But of course, only the small purchase would be counted. If you also do this every time you go shopping, guess how many plastic you have saved?

Number 2 : Give Your Papers

Since I was a kid, my mom taught me to save the books I need most. The problem is I save all my worthless books, hehehe. Recently I was thinking that I don't need that books anymore. Instead of burn those books, I prefer to give all of it to scavenger. And I was surprise when the scavenger said that the books would be recycled. I didn't just contribute to the scavenger, I also contribute to the world. :)

Number three : Use Water Wisely

I always hate to someone who waste water easily. It's a very unacceptable action. The lack of water crisis engulf the entire of Africa and there's a million of people lack the clean water out there. I don't want it happen to me someday, of course. What Bubu does is a right thing. Use water wisely when you washing your clothes, your car, or your dishes. The using of faucet just wasting the water. Just take a bucket and measure the water you want to use is a simple action to save the water. 

Number four: Save The Electricity

Because I afraid of dark, I used to fall asleep with the lamp on. But it has been a month I stop doing that. If you have the same problem, I suggest you to have light sleeper. Beside of helping you to get better night's sleep, light sleeper also eco friendly because it use battery to turn it on. 

Number five : No AC, please

My dad always know what good for his children. Till now, my family never used air conditioner. Just fan. The using of fan can reduce volts of electricity than when you use AC. Beside more eco friendly, fan never make your skin wrinkled like AC did, right?

I guess that's all my actions as the prove that I also care to the world. We can't let our world become like Mars, can we? With just a small simple action we can change it. Stop doing all the extravagance of the using tissue, plastic, or water would be mean something the world. Now I guess you better stop bubbling and start the green life style. These all my actions, what's yours? :)

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